The Epic Death / Doom Metal band ROST & BORKE is based in east Brandenburg, Germany, planet Earth, system Sól, and was founded in August 2020 by Merula Turdus (bass) and Aalsen Fjellfras (drums).
Some time later, our singer Odrogath Da Vyr and a guitarist joined us, who left us again a short time later.

As a threesome and with the help of a guest guitarist, we recorded our 3-track demo “Afterlife” in May 2021, to be released in winter 2021/22.

After a line-up change that opens up new horizons for us musically, the band now consists of the Thuringians Odrogath Da Vyr and Randolph Petros, the Franconian Dark Anger and Merula Turdus from Brandenburg.

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